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Staples Pensioenfonds
Edition 1| Year 2020 April 2020
1. Uniform Pension Statement (UPO)
2. Coronavirus: the impact on the pension fund
3. Payment of pensions as usual
4. Policy funding ratio at 115.5%
5. My documents as a digital archive
Uniform Pension Statement (UPO) in early May in your inbox or by post
In early May all members of the pension fund will receive their Uniform Pension Statement (UPO) at the end of April. This UPO shows the pension you have accrued with the Staples Pension Fund.
You can use the UPO to map out your income at a later date. If you have also accrued pension with other employers, go to to see a list of your other pensions.

For the first time, this year’s UPO will show an estimate of your pension if things go better or worse than expected in the future. We have estimated the effect on your pension if things go much better or worse than expected. The same calculation is shown on, but then with an estimate of your total pension, including any pension you have accrued elsewhere as well as your state retirement (AOW) pension.

Click on the button below for more information on these various scenario estimates.

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Coronavirus: the impact on the pension fund
There is a great deal of news about the coronavirus at the moment. The Board of Trustees is following developments closely. We will of course share any relevant information with you.
The news about the coronavirus has far-reaching consequences for the financial markets. The value of the Staples pension fund's investments has also fallen as a result. So far, the effect on the current coverage ratio has been negative. However, policy is determined on the basis of the policy coverage ratio. 

At the moment, the news about the coronavirus has no effect whatsoever on your retirement pension, your accrued entitlements or the right to a partner’s and orphan’s pension. Only if the policy coverage ratio of a fund is below the required level for a prolonged period, could there be a mandatory reduction of entitlements or benefits. Even on the basis of the current low point in the markets, the Staples pension fund will not have to reduce pensions in 2021.
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Payment of pensions as usual
This month, we paid out a total of around € 2 million in net pension benefits.
The employees of the pension fund are now working at home to ensure the continuity of our service during the corona crisis and to pay out the pension benefits on the 22nd of the month as usual.
In the photo: Noud (Mid-Office Pensions, the department responsible for pension benefits) at his home workstation in Utrecht
Policy funding ratio at 115.5%
The policy funding ratio declined at the end of March to 115.5%. The current funding ratio has declined to 104.7%.
The funding ratio expresses the ratio of the fund's assets to its pension liabilities. According to the rules set by the government, our assets must exceed our liabilities by 15.0%. The required funding ratio is therefore 115.0%. This buffer ensures that the fund has sufficient reserves and can still afford to pay everyone a pension even in case of financial setbacks. The current policy funding ratio exceeds this required funding ratio, meaning that the pension fund has sufficient financial reserves.
More information on the development of the funding ratio is available on the funding ratios page.
Financial position
My documents as a digital archive
My documents has been expanded to include all the letters you have received from us since 2018. You now have a convenient digital archive available on MijnStaplesPension.
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New on MijnStaplesPensioen: you can change your bank account number and upload documents via My details
We have made it much easier for you to notify us of changes. From now on, you can change your account number or upload documents and forms to our Pension Services department.
+ 31 20 4266 320
About Pensioenfonds Staples
Staples Pension Fund has been a closed fund since 1 July 2018. The fund continues to implement the scheme for non-contributory members and pensioners. The fund wants to offer all participants a good pension for the money they have entrusted to the fund, now and in the future.
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