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Staples Pensioenfonds
Edition 4 | Year 2019 | December 2019
1. Pension increase from 1 January 2020
2. Policy funding ratio at 117.5%
3. Annual statement and pension specification
4. Activate your MijnStaplesPensioen account
Happy holidays
The board of your pension fund wishes you happy holidays and a happy 2020. In this newsletter you can read the latest news from 2019.
Pension increase from 1 January 2020
The pension fund’s financial position is sufficient to allocate partial indexation. The pensions of all members will be increased by 1.27%. 
Statutory rules have to be taken into account when allocating indexation. The pension fund many only allocate full indexation if its policy funding ratio stands at 122.5%. The policy funding ratio was 117.5% at the end of November, which is a high enough level to allocate partial indexation. The measure for indexation is the increase in the Consumer Price Index (Oct 2018 - Oct 2019). The board of trustees has decided to increase the pensions with effect from 1 January 2020 by 1.27% (73.8% * 1.73%). 

Further details of the indexation policy can be found on our website.
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Policy funding ratio at 117.5%
The policy funding ratio declined slightly at the end of November to 117.5%. The current funding ratio has increased to 117.7%.
The funding ratio expresses the ratio of the fund's assets to its pension liabilities. According to the rules set by the government, our assets must exceed our liabilities by 15.3%. The required funding ratio is therefore 115.3%. This buffer ensures that the fund has sufficient reserves and can still afford to pay everyone a pension even in case of financial setbacks. The current policy funding ratio exceeds this required funding ratio, meaning that the pension fund has sufficient financial reserves.

More information on the development of the funding ratio is available on the funding ratios page.
Annual statement and pension specification
If you have received pension benefit from us in 2019, you will be sent your 2019 annual statement at the end of January.
Among other things, your statement shows you how much pension you received from us in 2019 and how much tax and social insurance contributions have been deducted. We will send you your 2019 annual statement with your 2020 pension specification.

From the end of January, your annual statement will also be available on MijnStaplesPensioen, under 'My documents.
Activate your MijnStaplesPensioen account
If you have digital mail in MijnStaplesPensioen, you will be notified by e-mail. Therefore, you need to record your e-mail address in MijnStaplesPensioen.
Log in to MijnStaplesPensioen via the website using your DigiD. At MijnStaplesPensioen, you will find an overview of your pension details and your annual Uniform Pension Statement.
Read other messages on the website
We regularly publish news and updates on our website.
New on MijnStaplesPensioen: you can change your bank account number and upload documents via My details
We have made it much easier for you to notify us of changes. From now on, you can change your account number or upload documents and forms to our Pension Services department.
+ 31 20 4266 320
About Pensioenfonds Staples
Staples Pension Fund has been a closed fund since 1 July 2018. The fund continues to implement the scheme for non-contributory members and pensioners. The fund wants to offer all participants a good pension for the money they have entrusted to the fund, now and in the future.
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